It’s a new year! 2019 has just begun. For many people, that means setting new goals. For seniors and their caregivers, the New Year brings us upon a time to reflect over the past year. To make goals and resolutions to work towards in the future.

New Year Goals and Resolution for Seniors

If you help make New Year’s resolutions with your seniors, you can appreciate how it motivates them to work on things that are important, and provide them direction in a time of life that can sometimes feel aimless. New Year resolutions for seniors can feel tricky at times. Health issues like dementia and depression complicate life for many older adults. But if you just ask, you may find that your loved one is already full of ideas about how they’d like to make this new year great!

  • Safety-Proof: One-third of all senior falls come from hazards around the home. Now is the best time to take measures to prevent any mishaps that could have been avoided. Consider doing a Home Safety Assessment.
  • Health Care: When declining health has taken effect, you can help the older adult in your life take better care of themselves with the help of a Caregiver.
  • Ask for Help: If the physical or mental capabilities are decreasing for your senior loved one, take some time to explain to them that there’s no shame in accepting the help they need. If they agree, and family members or others are not available to help, consider hiring a Caregiver, such as Affordable Senior Placement of South Florida.
  • Get Affairs In Order: Collect and organize important documents concerning your insurance, will, financial information, and assets. It’s not a fun task, but getting it done will feel great.
  • Keep in Touch with Friends and Loved Ones: It’s easy to lose touch with people we care about. If their immediate family isn’t close by, or they don’t have transportation to see their loved ones regularly, they can quickly become isolated. Help your loved one to socialize by writing letters and cards together throughout the year. Or, you can teach them to use a computer, social media, or video chat as a means to connect with the people they care about.
  • It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something New: Growing older is no reason to stop learning, based on your loved one’s capabilities. Many older adults enjoy learning new languages, find new hobbies, and volunteer to give back to their communities. Help your loved one take advantage of the opportunities in your area with social day programs.

At Affordable Senior Placement of South Florida, we understand the role of a caregiver. The life of a caregiver can be difficult, with many demands on their time. As a caregiver, you are expected to juggle it all. Caring for your loved ones, as well as your own family (spouse, children) and perhaps even working a full-time job outside of the home. This new year, you might find it beneficial and motivating to take a look at your own life and identify some goals you want to work on. It’s OK to ask for help!

It’s not always easy to ask or accept help, but it’s actually a sign of strength to recognize that you can’t do it all. And even if you have been juggling all these responsibilities by yourself, there’s no good reason to continue doing so. You can hire a professional caregiver, to give yourself a break if you need to. In addition:

  • Be honest with yourself about handling care-giving, on top of your daily routine
  • Consider hiring a Caregiver to help you care for your loved ones.
  • Consider doing a home care and safety assessment or hire a family consultant

Take Time For Yourself

You can’t take care of children, an aging parent, or a household if you aren’t taking care of yourself (this means your physical and mental health). Something as simple as scheduling time to make that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off, or 15 minutes a day where you do something for yourself. Not only do you deserve it, but you need it. Even as you do your best to stick to these resolutions, you may not always be successful with fulfilling them all.  Maybe you haven’t made that appointment yet, or you’re not making time to go the gym every morning like you said you would. Part of the process of making resolutions is to be kind to yourself, and knowing that it is OK not to be able to “do it all.”

If you are concerned about a loved one and need assistance, Affordable Senior Placement of South Florida is here to help! You can benefit from expertise of our experienced Care-giving Services and can inquire on how to seek help from our qualified professionals.