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Imagine being 2000 miles away from an older loved one (in this case, my mom), in bed with the flu, and getting next to no notice that she’s being released from rehab after a serious health crisis. All feedback suggested that Mom was not in any condition to go back to her condo alone. What to do??

It just so happened that Stacey had recently found a place for my uncle that suited his needs, and relieved my aunt of the full responsibility for his care. I had her number and called in a panic. Not only did she get a 48-hour extension on the rehab release, but found a nice facility that offered independent and assisted living, the latter of which my mom needed.

Stacey walked me through the steps and connected me with people I needed to deal with to process paperwork and finances, rent furniture until I could get some of my mom’s stuff over there, and maintain contact with regular visits until I could get out to help out face-to-face.

Even with help, this process was overwhelming and a bit traumatic for all concerned. I can’t imagine where I would have started “shopping” for a place where I’d know my mom would be safe and cared for. After a brief meeting with my mom (and a very short conversation about finances), Stacey immediately found a place that has been an excellent match for my mom’s needs and tastes.

I absolutely recommend her services. She knows what’s available and how to match people with the resources that will best suit their needs. Both my mom and I would have been absolutely sunk without her invaluable assistance.