Stacey was wonderful. We contacted her and within 10 days we had placement, Neurology apt and a safe place for our mother to live.  Always attentive and available any time time Thank you for all you do.
Dawn L.

Stacey is the most compassionate senior Advocate I have ever worked with. Her strategic solutions and expertise provide families and seniors with comfort, confidence and assurance their loved one will be placed in a safe and appropriate environment. She has an infectious positive energy and is an exceptional asset to the long term care community.
Victoria Z.

Stacey is an amazing person that continuously goes above and beyond to help her clients and families. I have worked with her for many years and she is my go to person when families are in need of assistance. I never doubt that she will help them out and leave them smiling.
Beryl H.

My name is Florence my husband was in the Vietnam war.He was a medic there on the helicopters that picked up the wounded and unfortunately the dead fellow soldiers,not only was it traumatic it was something he’s NEVER got over mentally he’s is destroyed it doesn’t stop there he also got lymphoma of the stomach the VA had to remove his whole stomach give chemo several types until the kindness and caring of a Dr Chua she suggested experimental medical chemotherapy thank the Lord Jesus he’s been in remission for 20yrs now 2013 comes out with Parkinson’s disease so many deaths and now all of these Deseases due to ASIAN orange unbeknown to me I NEVER thought of him now having dementia not only was I devastated I was informed in the cruelest way I lost my mind to me it’s like a death sentence for the man that has been my angel for 17 yrs someone mentioned Stacy Hamilton to me I contacted her and I thank the lord above for all her knowledge and professional and caring ways that she went on and beyond her job to educate me calm me I put my life in her hands and not only has my husband flourish with her help I have now become a believer that there are people that you can trust but also knows what life is in this world we live in I can’t find the words because thank you is never enough for all she’s done for me and my angel if anyone has a love one and is having a difficult time making any kind of decision please get in touch with Stacy Hamilton I promise you she with change your life for the better she has a heart of gold the kindness and caring you will never regret it Trust in her she will do the best for you and your love one and she will remain in your heart forever!!!! she’s the best of the best.
Florence M.

Stacey is GREAT and full of integrity, makes you feel as she is part of your family from the start. Takes care of your loved ones. Once Stacey is involved your worries are over, she will make sure your family member is taken care of in a respectful proper manner.
Put your trust in Affordable Senior Placement of South Florida! I did!
Heath A.

Stacy is the most caring and compassionate individual I know! She is a great patient advocate and I would highly recommend her to anyone, even my own family!

Joe H.