We are humbled when customers express their satisfaction through The Power of Testimonials. When you work with Affordable Senior Placement of South Florida, you can expect to be treated like family. See, we care for our customers. We care for our customer’s loved ones. We treat our customers like family. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and it’s transparent.
Don’t take our word for it… Read a testimonial below written by Jim via Yelp…
I am writing this review to commend and highly recommend Stacey Hamilton Grant as an advocate for Affordable Senior Living and Mental Health issues that plague our society. I worked with Stacey last year to get my sister into an assisted living facility that would help her with her medications and ensure she was safe and taken care of. Stacey and I only communicated via e-mail, text, and phone because I live in Ohio, but within a few weeks, we had my sister placed. She is still living at the facility and doing very well. Stacey did a fantastic job of helping me to get her in. I also had the pleasure of finally going to Florida about a month ago and meeting Stacey in person. We had a nice talk about how well Gloria is doing and that her life was essentially saved.
We also talked about the state of Mental Health assistance in our country and both agreed we need to continue to be strong advocates. I also met a few of Stacey’s colleagues, also in the medical and mental health fields.

It is great to know Stacey and that she continues to do great work on behalf of families and their loved ones. I will continue to communicate with Stacey and also advocate here in Ohio for Mental Health and other Health related issues.