In August I received a call randomly from a young man in panic about his mother in a rehab center in New York. He wanted to get her transferred safely from New York to him here in Fort Lauderdale. He didn’t know how to do it and just wanted her here. I told him that I was glad he called and assured him I’ll do whatever I have to get her here to Fort Lauderdale. 

During our call he told me his needs, her needs, along with some information that she didn’t have a legitimate Identification card. Once I found this out I knew it was going to be tough to get her transferred but definitely not impossible. I was very excited to help!

After a long due process of paperwork and a TSA Interview I was able to prove her residency to get her on a plane. 

Living in New York all her life, Mrs. Great Neck had no intentions on living in Florida. Knowing this I knew I had to make this transition from NY to FL very seamless, professional, and easy for her. We had private transportation pick her up and take her to JFK where she boarded her plane to Fort Lauderdale. With her not wanting to leave New York we kept the conversations uplifting and focused to keep her positivity up. Once we landed in Fort Lauderdale we had private transportation waiting for her to take her to Your Life of Coconut Creek. We strategically planned every move so that she would get transitioned in at dinner time so that she wasn’t able to recognize where she was with her cognitive impairment. 

Mrs. Great Neck is now thriving in the Your Life facility with constant visits from her family on a weekly basis.  

It’s awesome to see how far kids will go to get their parents closer to them so they can oversee their care. After 14 days from the phone call Mrs. Great Neck was safely transitioned to her new home facility.

If you have a loved one that you would like transferred closer to you let me know! I would love to help and will go the extra mile. Give me a call at (954) 270-7933.