Sometimes life hands us a bill that is difficult to deal with. But we are blessed with this unbelievable strength to show up for it. Yesterday, I was taken in disbelief–my heart broke, but I felt that my work here is valuable to those I get the pleasure of working with. I like to keep tabs on the families I’ve helped, and sometimes we lose touch altogether. I was sitting in a small sandwich shop during lunchtime in New York when noticed a little lady being wheeled into the shop. When she saw me she started crying, I knew who she was right away.

10 years ago, I took care of her mother in my facility. Her mother had a stroke and was bound to a wheelchair. We spent a lot of time together, as with all my clients, I made a commitment to work with her until my services were no longer needed. She passed away 5 years ago, and I lost touch with her daughter. And of all the days, and all the Deli’s we both ended in the same one at the same time.

I can’t define an act of divinity for anyone else, but this was one for the both of us.

She said, “I knew I would see you again someday.” Through her tears, she told me what happened since our last acquaintance. Her path was similar to her mother’s, where she had a stroke, broke her hip, and is being cared for in a senior home. She wanted to know where to find me and asked for my help. I wrote down my number on a restaurant napkin, and I only hope she reaches out to me soon.

This experience both broke my heart, but left me feeling inspired. If all I can do is help someone, I would be content in knowing that my life was in service of others. It brings me great joy in knowing that I have helped people to this extent.